Danielle Frano


Danielle Frano – Associate Pastor 

Originally from Youngstown, OH and Bronx, NY,  Danielle moved to Erie around the age of 10 and met her husband, Adam, at 15 & 18 yrs old. After their own experiences with poverty, crime, addiction and abuse, in 2001 they decided to turn their lives around and commit to helping others. They’ve worked in numerous ministries and organizations, built teams across the country, and empowered others to live better lives through the teachings of Leadership Development and Christ. Their current mission is helping the young adult generation beat the millennial statistics and equip them to become better leaders in their homes and community. Along with directing Erie Young Adults and raising a herd of kids (4), Adam is a traveling speaker and owns a plumbing company, and Danielle is a credentialed reverend and graduate of Gordon Conwell school of preaching. They enjoy good food (lots of it), football, and seeing people live out their passion!